Interview with Shridev Sharma

Interview with Shridev Shrama
Homing in on boutique apartments Shridev Sharma
Shridev Sharma,
Shridev Sharma, MD, Kamrup Housing Projects Pvt. Ltd.
Boutique apartments are a good option for those HNIs who look for exclusivity as well as the security of a gated community. Kamrup Housing Projects is coming up with one such project in Sector Chi V, Greater Noida (adjacent to Yamuna Expressway). Shridev Sharma, MD of Kamrup Housing Projects Pvt. Ltd., talks about boutique apartments that cater to a niche clientele. 

Your group has come up with boutique apartments. What is the genesis of this concept?
Buying living spaces i.e. houses, a flat, bungalows has always been a very popular concept in India. Until now this concept - to give the space to a buyer or family - was predominantly driven by affordability and the buyer's budget. The general trend in the market was to design apartments keeping the same affordability in mind. However, with increase in per capita income and better lifestyle demands of a growing number of Indians the concept of luxury living now has many takers. Hence came the concept of boutique apartments which are created by providing optimum spaces, best of the finishes, with a feel of luxury living.
Is there a market in India for boutique apartments?
Yes, it is picking up very well because it is increasingly becoming difficult to maintain individual houses and people want no hassles on security front too.
What is the state of luxury housing in India in the current scenario?
For the upper strata of society, this concept fulfills the need for an exclusive living and the advantage associated with mass housing. The market for boutique apartments is picking up gradually as individual families are growing and families are moving up the economic ladder.
What is the USP of your latest project in Noida?
This project has all the disaster mitigation measures as required under National Building code 2005 and applicable BIS standards on earthquake engineering are in place. Apart from this top end products are used for finishing. and there is ample provision for open spaces and each apartment is designed to give a feel of an independent house to the owners.
What unique architectural and design features have you incorporated in this project?
Each apartment is designed like an independent house. and has pre-planned services like AC, plumbing and water supply through ducts.
The architectural design makes optimum use of open spaces. There are separate balconies for each bedroom and kitchen.
Sky bungalows on the top floor in two levels are designed like independent bungalow with terrace gardens.
More and more developers are now going in for eco friendly and earthquake resistant buildings, how popular is this trend in India?
Earthquake resistant buildings are a mandatory requirement under the Disaster Management Act, 2005. It is pertinent to mention that under said Act authorities to respond to disasters are constituted at three levels i.e. national, state and district. Besides other functions, the District Disaster Management authorities have to ensure that the necessary disaster mitigation measures are being taken in the area which falls under the prescribed zones. However, the concept of the green building is still at the nascent stage the required encouragement is yet to be provided by various governments.
— As told to Geetu Vaid and Published in The Tribune   

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